What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care is an affordable alternative approach to healthcare and medical services.


Instead of the High Cost of Insurance, or dealing with costly Co-Pays or Deductibles, and Insurance Claim Forms, DPC allows you to pay a affordable monthly Membership Fee for healthcare services. 

It is like a Gym Membership for Healthcare!

In return for your monthly Membership Fee (or retainer), you have Unlimited access to your medical practitioner when needed the most.  


In many cases, DPC healthcare providers see fewer patients than traditional providers, so Patients get more individualized care, extended time with the healthcare provider to fully address concerns, as well as the option for same-day or next-day appointments.

In addition, Healthy Wings' DPC Members have the option to see their healthcare provider via Telemedicine or Video Conference Services to discuss medical issues or as a follow-up to in-office care, all at no extra charge!

Healthy Wings' DPC Membership Program is geared towards wellness and prevention of illness and/or disease by using multiple modalities - Integrative, Functional, as well as Conventional Medicine. 

The Covered Services*** includes Annual Wellness Exams, School or Work Physicals, Management of Acute or Chronic Conditions, Annual LAB testing, Weight Loss & Management Program, Discounts on Meds, IV Services & Supplements, Multiple Minor Procedures, & Much More.

How is a Healthy Wings'

DPC Membership Program Different?

One of the biggest differences between Direct Primary Care practices and traditional practices is that in a DPC-oriented practice, Patients have greater access to the healthcare provider. 

Covered Services*** includes visits to the office for medical exams, routine physicals, lab work, or other comprehensive health and wellness services with a focus on holistic care.

Healthy Wings' DPC Membership Program has two Affordable Options

Option A allows for Unlimited Visits or

Option B allows for 6 Visits in the Membership Year. 

Patients do not have to worry about an expensive co-payment or deductible at each appointment.


With greater flexibility to schedule an in-office or video visit, your healthcare provider is there when you need them most which makes maintaining good health and management of your chronic conditions hassle free!

No Health Insurance?  No Problem!

Another advantage of Healthy Wings' DPC Membership Program is that health insurance is not needed.

The Direct Primary Care model offers high-quality, affordable health care services, especially for those Patients without traditional health insurance. 


Healthy Wings' DPC Membership Program provides a simple, low-cost monthly fee alternative to expensive health insurance, high co-payments or deductibles, and restricting insurance plans.

In fact, Patients with high deductible health insurance plans, typically reserve its use for more costly healthcare services, like emergency hospitalizations, visiting specialists, or for services like MRIs or other special imaging services.

Healthy Wings' DPC Membership Program is TRULY AFFORDABLE!

There is an Option just right for you and your family:

Option A:  Those with more frequent healthcare needs or

Option B:  Those needing just a few visits each year

Healthy Wings Family Healthcare has a DPC Membership Option that is ideal for you!

Monthly Membership Fee Options:

Option A - Unlimited Visits:

  • 1 Adult:       $  55/month

  • 2 Adults:     $105/month

  • Each Child: $ 15/month

Option B - 6 Visits per Year:

  • 1 Adult:       $35/month

  • 2 Adults:     $75/month

  • Each Child: $10/month

  * Adults aged 18+  -   **Children aged 2 to 17 registering with an Adult  -  ***See the Membership Agreement for Covered Services

One-Time NEW Patient Registration Fee:

  • 1 Adult*:        $  75

  • 2 Adults:        $130

  • Each Child**: $  30